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Postio Agreements

Hello! This is the Postio agreements page. To keep Postio for kids, we have come up with some ideas to keep Postio safe.

  1. No Spamming. Not only is this annoying, but it also makes it hard to see what people are saying.

  2. Do Not Post Personal Information! Please keep pictures of you, your friends, or your parents to yourself. Please do not post where you live. (Pets are ok.)

  3. No Swearing. No use of strong language. this can make people feel uncomfortable, and leave Postio.

  4. No Scamming. This is a useless way of earning money, so don't even think about it.

  5. Play fair. Be truthful about your score, don't make people feel bad about themselves.

  6. Make Postio Fun For All. make Postio fun. don't make it a terrible website!

  7. No Fake Rules. don't quote a nonexistent rule!

  8. Do Not Use Postio In school Hours! (8:00 - 3:00.)

  9. What are you waiting for! go have fun!

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