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Welcome to...

#1 social media for kids 6 - 14

Years of trust

The source of ideas

Social media for kids does not have to be a red light. It can spring ideas to life, inspire people, and something fun to do in this Covid-19 time!

Easy and intuitive

In Postio, everything is easy access, and features are free, and easy to use. And even if you don't know what to do, you can always chat to postio, or look at the FAQ, or explore tutorials on the Postio YouTube channel.

Groups to connect

Start your favourite groups, whether with friends, family, or even some new people on the net! Have a private Posting hub ready for you!

The best known chat for kidz

Chatting can spark ideas. It can make friendships grow! Try now!

We like to protect our users with our Postio agreements!

We have a safe site for children of all ages, So do not post personal information.

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We're moving to a BRAND NEW POSTIO!

Come Join us at POSTIO!

Explore new features like:
Digital currency, new posting options,  better categories, chat, and much more!

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Posting beyond   thoughts

In Postio, ideas are free! Just start scrolling down the posts, and you'll start seeing ideas from gaming, to blanket forts! Instead of restricting kids from the net, why not embrace it in a safe environment! If kids think social media is cool, then they'll have Postio, which IS cool!*

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Post videos, and grow your imagination

Posting videos in Postio, let's you post all kinds of things. You could even start your own video channel, kind of like YouTube! This can grow ideas, and inspire others. Custimize your settings to enhance your experience, and have fun Posting videos as well!*

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The Gaming Hub

The gaming hub is the Postio arcade. Have fun playing all the best games in one spot! You can do anything from serving people coffee, to playing candy monster!*

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Groups to connect

With Postio groups, you can easily make your own group, whether with friends, family, or join a public group with someone you haven't met before! And, if you want more of a private posting envirement, then just make a group with your friends, and put all of your favourite posts there!

So what are you waiting for?


Postio is a fun-packed, awesome website for kids to play video games, share ideas, and even more!*

*By Clicking 'Sign up now' you are agreeing to Postio agreements.

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Postio chat is the best way to stay connected by far. Whether you're planning your next play date with your friend, or working on a school project together, Postio chat plays a big part in help! Even if your best friend lives on the other side of the world, Postio chat is the best way!*

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